``If, in the future, we realize science cannot explain everything,
   then what can we conclude?

``Some would say that we conclude science cannot explain everything.

``Others will realize there is other methods of explaining things worthwhile
   Wah wah wah wah waaaaaaaah.  Ok, ready?  Yeah.
   Start from here.  Ready?  Ready?  How is it done?  Like this?  Like that?  Ok.
   Yeah.  What about citation?  Have you play this game?  How about this game?
   This is called the American style boxing.  Like this.
      Like a cartoonish style boxing style.  Like this.  Like that.
   The Chinese style is like this.  This is the American style.
   What is the Phung style?
      My style consist of just pulling out a gun like this ..  Wah.''

      - Master Phung

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