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Welcome to the wonderful world of Animals. These specific animal groups: polar bears, butterflies, and fish will be discussed throughout this web site. There is information about each of the different types of animals and the effects of global warming. This problem is not effecting or harming any animals at this moment, but it has the potential to harm them in the near future. Our team wants to alarm the public that animals can and will be harmed or killed if global Warming is not slowed or halted. We have obtained opinions from experts that polar bears, fish, and butterflies will be harmed due to higher temperatures, new climates, and new weather patterns.

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Common Questions Asked About Global Warming and Animals


1. Is global warming harmful to animal species?

It's not effecting species yet, but it has the potential to cause great harm to all kinds of animals.

2.What changes has global warming had on climate regions?

It is changing the temperatures, which dramatically changes the animal life and vegetation of that region.

3. What types of animals are susceptible to global warming?

Animals that are dependent on one particular area or region will be greatly effected.

4. What has been causing sea levels to rise?

The higher temperatures are slowly melting the ice caps into the oceans.

5. Will all animals be effected?

Not at first, but as global warming continues more animals could be harmed.

6. Would humans be effected?

The whole ecosystem will be off balance after species die off; this could effect humans and our food supply.

7. What regions will be harmed the most?

  Coastal regions will be effected by flooding, which will destroy the ecosystems of deltas, marshes, and wetlands.

8. Could global warming cause extinction?

Yes, as food sources dwindle, animals could face starvation.

9. How do warmer temperatures effect butterflies?

They must change their migration patterns and locations.

10. Are higher water temperatures harming fish?

Not at this time, but this could happen in the near future.

11. How are polar bears effected?

Their snowy habitat is melting away, and soon they will have no where to go.

12. What changes have occurred in the atmosphere?

Warmer temperatures can cause wind patterns to change.

13. Will any animals thrive under the new conditions?

  Animals that thrive on vegetation, and can adapt to slight changes in their habits, like deer, will continue to live on.

14. What can we do to stop global warming?

Stop deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.

15. How long has global warming been a problem?

Temperatures have been steadily increasing for the past hundred years.


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This web page was comprised by Stacey, Amy, and Kevin for the purpose of enlightening the public to the great dangers and consequences of global warming.