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Global warming has become a worldwide issue. Many say that there is global warming, but others say that it is not possible. Imperial Flooding is providing you with information about the effects of Global warming, and you can decide for yourself whether there is or isnít global warming. We want to help you understand how global warming is potentially dangerous to different regions by flooding. There are also a few suggestions for solutions that you might want to consider.

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Coastal Areas


Global warming is possibly happening, and some scientists believe it has many effects on our world. One of these effects is flooding. Where will some coastal flooding occur? The flooding will generally occur in the mid-pacific islands, Bangladesh, Micronesia, and Papua New Guinea, and possibly the Nile. The flooding will affect the coastal areas by:

~ inundation - livable areas that become buried by water

~ erosion - soil and beaches erode into the oceans

~ increased flooding - much related to weather

~ saltwater intrusion - drinking water becomes contaminated as well as many freshwater ecosystems

How will flooding affect coastal areas?

The flooding can cause farmers to miss an entire season of harvest, which would then reduce the food production in that region.

Flooding can be as harmful as a drought.

In Bangladesh and the Nile River a six feet rise would flood 20% of the region, which could be disastrous.

Recreation barrier islands in the Atlantic and Gulf coasts could be inundated.

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What impact will flooding have on the United States?

In the future the East coast beaches may be flooded within twenty-five years. In the Pacific Northwest and in California severe flooding has already occurred.

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~ a three to six feet rise could destroy fifty to eighty percent of coastal wetlands

~ an one meter rise could destroy thirty to seventy percent (50 to 80) of coastal wetlands

~ a two meter rise could destroy thirty-three to eighty percent (66 to 60) of coastal wetlands

~ an one foot rise will erode 100 to 200 feet of beach in the USA

~ a fifty cm rise of is enough to drown one third of coastal wetlands

~ an one meter rise in sea level could inundate 7,000 to 8,000 square miles of dry land in

cities such as Boston, New York, Charleston, Miami, and New Orleans

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Why will flooding occur?

There are several reasons why flooding will occur. A lot of flooding will be related to global warming.

First, heat will cause sea waters to expand that could raise sea levels a foot or two feet in the next century.

Secondly, the snow on mountains could melt that could raise sea level a foot the next century.

Third, Greenlandís ice caps may melt which could raise sea level a foot the next century.

Fourthly, a complete melting of the West Antarctic Ice sheet could raise the sea level twenty feet in 200 to 500 years, but scientists expect only three feet of a contribution to sea level in the next century.

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Will flooding from global warming be caused by indirect means (i.e. El Nino)?


~ heat could cause waters to expand

~ the atmosphere can support more water vapor with warmer temperatures, this means extreme floods in some areas and droughts elsewhere

~ a storm surges from hurricanes can raise water levels five to fifteen feet higher than normal; a meter rise could cause areas to be flooded by a fifteen-year flood that would otherwise be flooded by an one hundred-year flood.

~ erosion leaves properties closer to the sea

~ higher waters decrease the efficiency of drainage systems, making flooding from rainwater more likely

~ global warming could also cause changes in rainfall, more frequent storms, and more extreme temperatures

~ hurricanes require a water temperature of seventy-nine degrees Fahrenheit to form, so with global warming, hurricanes would become more frequent

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Can we prevent or fix the problem of flooding?

Global warming can have many effects on the world. Flooding can be disastrous and can cause many problems. The problem is more than just doing easy things but there are things we can to help. The main effort is to make the public aware of what is causing flooding and find ways of correcting the problem.

~ Levees can be built to hold back waters

~ in some areas, the surface of the land could be raised

~ residential areas could be moved away from the shore as the water advances

~ public awareness of the problem


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