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Earth on Fire: 1998/99 year

These are the different teams who have contributed pages to this year's Earth on Fire website.

Jungle of Love Ryan Parker, Shannon Kuhl
The increase in the average temperature on earth will cause an increase of diseases due to a more favorable environment for germs to grow.

Wildcats Jason Basch and Eric Van Sickle
Global warming is effected by CO2 intake and production in agriculture.

Fishie Friends Sarah Graham, Barbie Evans
How does global warming impact fish?

La Poulet Jenny Shelato, Megan Morris, Lauren Majewski, Natalie Lepley
Global warming has disturbed the peacful environment of polar regions. If the global warming continues, will polar regions end up like Frosty the Snowman?

Imperial Flooding Tina Kemp, Holly Nichols
Global warming could possibly cause the polar ice caps to melt. This could cause coastal flooding.

Bandies & Co. Kim Uttley, Jenny Gynn
What can you do to reduce global warming?

Crackars Mike Schmidt, Ryan Thomas
What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Burnout Travis Swart, Garth Bishop
How are natural disasters related to and caused by global warming?

Snazzlydoodles Sarah Stanley, Kimi Hayes, Sara Kamalay
The effect of burning fossil fuels is a leading factor in the cause of global warming.

Team Avogadro Jeremy Basch, Kyle Benedetti, Matt Fullen, Brad Mellen
What effects will global warming have on agriculture and how can we adapt to these changes?

Smurfettes Alexis Marquet, Katie Olesnanick, Mandy Decker
Global warming is causing the earth's temperatures to rise, which is causing the sea level to rise.

Global Gladiators Sam Khan, Adam Greiner, Allen Brophy
What are some reasons for global warming?

Rain Forest Rangers Geoff Nilsen, Ryan Bartholic
We're trying to find the relationship between rain forest deforestation and global warming.

US Kevin Caldwell, Stacey Labarre, Amy Kaufman
What is the effect of global warming on animals?

(no team name) Cari Garrett, Rob Eberly, Becky
The effects of volcanoes on global warming

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Last updated on February 7, 1999.