The Effects of Volcanoes on Global Warming

Cari, Becky, and Rob have been doing research to find out whether or not volcanoes have an effect on global warming which leads to the greenhouse effect. We have found a lot of information that leads us to believe that volcanoes do have an effect on global warming. Volcanoes release SO2, Cl2, HCl, H2o, Ash, and CO2 into the atmosphere. Over the past 100 years, the earth has warmed about one degree Farenheit. Therefore, scientists believe the warm temperatures are caused merely by a natural fluctuation in the earth's climate pattern. The information we have found so far leads us to believe that volcanoes actually help cool the earth, not heat it. Although volcanoes release harmful gases into the atmosphere, they do not cause global warming.

 Effects of volcanic gases

The atmospheric gases originate from the interior of the earth. Most of the material that comes out when the volcano erupts is water vapor, but the rest are gases. The warming of the earth could cause the levels of the oceans to rise, and wipe out important capital cities. This web site explains about the chemicals released into the atmosphere by volcanoes, and how they do not have a warming effect on the atmosphere.

 Volcanoes and global climate change

This article explains how volcanoes have a cooling effect on the earth. The amount of cooling is determined by how much gas the volcano releases. The more gas it releases, the wider the cooling effect.

 Hazards: Volcanic Gas

This web site contains information about the gases that are released from volcanoes. There are particles of carbon dioxide, compounds of silver and chlorine, carbon monoxide, fluorine, boron compounds, ammonia, and several other compounds found in volcanic gas.

Global Warming: Focus on the Future

This web site contains many full detailed pictures of things that contribute to global warming. The web site encourages visitors to learn about the history of the issue, examines why the recent changes to the atmosphere are a problem, and empowers them to help solve the problem by giving specific examples of ways they can help to reduce emissions of gases that cause Global Warming.

Global Warming: How Global Warming is Sneaking Up On Us

This web site is extremely informative. It explains how global warming will be an extreme challenge for the human race. It tells about the gases that build up in the earth’s atmosphere because of volcanoes. This article also tells how global warming is not heating the earth as much as experts though it would, and also explains how the volcanic gases have a cooling effect.

Volcano Articles

This web site contains articles on the eruptions of volcanoes and their effects on the environment. It is very informative, and it tells about the gases and rock volcanic eruptions produce.

EPA-Global Warming

This site is an excellent resource for finding out more about global warming. It contains information about the problem of global warming, what we know about it, how serious it is, what its impacts are now and in the future, what is being done about it, and what we can do to help. It has many great pictures, and factual information about global warming and the greenhouse effect.

 What is Global Warming, Anyway?

CO2 gases have been emitted into the earth's atmosphere by an increasing amount. Greenhouse gases, such as methane, has more than doubled. Human activities are the main cause of some greenhouse gases building up in the atmosphere. This site basically explains the general effects of global warming and what causes it.

 Is Global Warming Occurring?

According to the land-based weather stations, the earth’s temperature has increased by about 0.45 degrees Celsius over the last century. The idea that global warming will melt the ice caps and flood our cities seems to be science fiction. With a slight increase in the temperature will not melt the earth’s snow caps.

 Global Warming—Greenhouse Effect

According to the WMO (World Meteorological Organization), statements from all of the continents from the months January to November showed an increase in average temperature. They report that the international community should maximize efforts to fight global warming.


This website is highly informative. The information was put on here by NASA scientists, so it is the best information around. The website also contains full pictures on how global warming occurs. This is one of the best websites we have found on the subject of global warming.

 Effects of Volcanoes on Global Warming with specific examples

This website is a perfect site to inform you on how volcanoes contribute to global warming. This website was specifically made to answer that question. It explains the process of global warming, and tells the reasons it occurs.


 No Global Warming?

The rise in carbon dioxide concentration tends to increase faster during El Nino events, but during our last El Nino episode, the carbon dioxide concentration fell. Scientists think this may have been from global cooling which is often caused by the eruptions of volcanoes.

 Global Warming

This site contains a lot of information on what global warming is, and the effects it has on the earth. The greenhouse effect is real and without it, we would freeze. The effects of these increases remain very uncertain. Nuclear power is one way of limiting the increase in carbon dioxide concentrations while enabling access to abundant electricity. The "greenhouse effect" is a word used to refering to global warming which is considered likely to occur because of the increasing concentrations of certain trace gases in the earth’s lower atmosphere.


This article gave an excellent picture of a volcano. It talked about how our planet holds heat in its atmosphere. Also, it explains that when a volcano erupts it blows a lot of ash into the atmosphere which has a cooling effect, and further proves that volcanoes do not increase global warming, they actually decrease it.



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Questions On Volcanoes and Global Warming

  1. What is Global Warming?
  2. What causes Global Warming?
  3. What chemicals are released when a volcano erupts?
  4. How are volcanoes related to the cause of Global Warming?
  5. What effects does Global Warming have on the ozone layer?
  6. Do volcanoes give a warming or cooling effect to the earth's atmosphere?
  7. What is the greatest contributor to Global Warming?
  8. Is Global Warming having an effect on the people on the planet?
  9. What happens when a volcano erupts?
  10. What is the effect that the chemicals released from volcanic eruptions have on the environment?
  11. Is Global Warming really happening?
  12. How frequent are volcanic eruptions?
  13. What can we do to prevent Global Warming?
  14. Are the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming related?
  15. Is Global Warming more severe in some parts of the world than in others?


Summary On Global Warming

After extensive reading and research, our group has come to an important conclusion. We have found that our original hypothesis was in fact, false. Before starting the project, we believed that volcanoes had a great effect on global warming, but now, we realize that volcanoes actually have a cooling effect on the earth. This project was very fun, yet it was also very time consuming. We all learned a lot about global warming and its effects on the environment. We also realized that volcanoes actually have an opposite effect than we thought.

Cari, Becky, and Rob