HSL Colorspace

HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)

HSL is a fairly intuitive colorspace provided by many graphical editing programs. The Hue channel forms a circle that goes through all the colors in the color wheel, Saturation indicates how much color there is, and Lightness specifies how bright the color is. With no saturation, the color is always grey. With no Lightness, the color is always black, and with maximum Lightness, the color is always white.

HSL isn't HSV

There are subtle differences between HSL and HSV. When I get more time, I'll document those differences, as well as provide some cool pictures and stuff. until then, use these links:
the HS plane at L = 120 This image is of the HS plane at L=120. It isn't a very good picture, and I'll generate a better one eventually.
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