Welcome to the twilight

I'm moving my home page, so if it's acting funny that's why. I had it on Angelfire, and stupid me, wanting to look at my code, gets the source off the page, not out of their little editor. The junk they added (links for ads and such) was longer than all of my page's code! I guess I shouldn't be suprised. I wanted to do this in Linux, but (running dual boot) I've have to reboot for that and I'm feeling lazy. I could do it from both if I could mount my other hard drive, but Red Hat doesn't like me there. Disturbingly enough, it does everything else for me. I thought linux distros were supposed to be all geeky and text based and.... that's what I get for running RH8. The old page is still all up at if you wanna see how it's supposed to look.

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