Quartz Composer Patches

Quartz Composer Patches

Merged with kineme.net. Excitement coming soon! :)

This stuff is all pretty old now; The Beta system on Kineme.net has taken over this page's purpose.

Xcode Template for Custom Quartz Composer Patches v0.4 Beta

This is a completely reworked Xcode template for QC Patches. This version adds support for OpenGL port types and better support for the various internal image objects used within Quartz Composer. The template project may not include all the added header files yet though (fixing that shortly).
Beta2 is a fixed version (Beta 1 doesn't build without some tweaks, my mistake).

200710070035: XcodeTemplateForCustomQuartzComposerPatches-0.4-Beta2.zip
200710061255: XcodeTemplateForCustomQuartzComposerPatches-0.4.zip

Unofficial Kineme Plugin -- old fdiv version

This is a slight modification to the old 'Kineme.plugin' from fdiv.net. It adds Global MIDI Clock support, and probably removes phidget support (I'm not sure if it was really even in this plugin).

Beta 2 adds filtering support, and 3 and 4 try different driver interactions [tracking down a subtle bug]. Beta5 finally fixes it :)

200710092047: Kineme.plugin-Beta5.zip
200710092014: Kineme.plugin-Beta4.zip
200710091922: Kineme.plugin-Beta3.zip
200710091038: Kineme.plugin-Beta2.zip
200710071940: Kineme.plugin.zip

Unofficial GLTools v0.2

A bunch of new features: Depth Sorting, Face Culling, and by popular demand, Texture Mapping! Enjoy :)


Unofficial Structure Tools Patch Betas

This set of 3 patches applies some freature requests from the kineme forums.

Beta 2 sports the newish design for the trio, Beta 3 includes many enhancements and features, as well as some cosmetic changes.

Beta 3.1 adds support for structure recording too. Missed this because QCStructure doesn't follow NSCopying like it ought to.

Beta 3.2 attempted to fix a Core Image bug in Beta 3.1, and adds blending support for Colors and Numbers (no images yet, sorry). It didn't fix the bug though :(

Beta 3.3 reverts back to CGImages, with CIImage used to store them internally. This hopefully leads to images stored in vram without using ImageAccumulators (the cause of the instability). Not as fast, sorry.

Beta 4. Back to Core Image. Tons of cleanup. Interface changes for more transparent operation. CoreImage frame blending. Probably not stable with iSights unless you have a 3rd Gen MacBook Pro. Hopefully stable with Firewire cameras (this is Apple's bug, not mine). Some personal testing indicates stability with firewire cameras, just not the iSight.

Beta 4.1 adds Safe Mode in the inspector panel, which uses Core Graphics for video. This makes it work with the iSight without the instability of Core Image stuff. Hopefully the last beta before release.








Unofficial Mesh Tools Patch v0.0

This is a portion of a much larger OpenGL project. A more appropriate name for this would be "Grid" or something. Sorry if you got all excited otherwise.

0.3 adds texture mapping support and some usability improvements. The interface is ugly though.

GL Grid.qtz Demonstration Composition (save-as, since MIME is broken...)


Unofficial Non-renderer shell command patch v0.3

This is a small modification to the shell command patch to run as a non-renderer. This allows it to be placed inside a macro with outputs.


Unofficial WiiMote Control v0.2+nunchuk

This small upgrade fixes a bug that causes Quartz Composer to crash if Bluetooth is turned off.

This small update to WiiMote Control v0.2 adds nunchuk support. It is _Not_ stable, but usually works. Be careful. I think plugging in the Nunchuk after the wiimote is connected will give you the most stability.

The way the nunchuk is implemented in this patch _Will Not_ be compatible with WiiMote Control v0.3. You have been warned :).

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