iPhoto Thunderbird Bridge

iPhoto Thunderbird Bridge

The iPhoto-Thunderbird Bridge is a small piece of software I wrote that adds Thunderbird support to the list of e-mail applications iPhoto can use. It currently supports single and multiple attachments, but not captions.

This program works by adding a few new files to iPhoto. As such, it probably voids the warranty or something. This program also comes without warranty. Use it at your own risk.

iPhotoThunderbirdBridge-0.2.zip - v0.2 20KB 2007.12.11

iPhotoThunderbirdBridge-0.1.zip - v0.1 11KB 2007.10.11

Users who downloaded prior versions probably had some problems installing it due to a mistake on my part. I've since updated it with a real package to make installation more reliable. Thanks go to Hannah Johansen of alpenglowspa.com for experimenting and providing feedback when it didn't work.

Thanks go to Mike Ody for helping iron out some beachball bugs in v0.1. v0.2 now doesn't stall the iPhoto Interface.

Because of the way this bridge starts Thunderbird, it won't work if Thunderbird is already running.
There aren't any obvious solutions for this problem yet, due to limitations of Thunderbird on OS X...


Note that this software is just a simple script, and does not modify your iPhoto database, Thunderbird settings, or any other user settings or data.

To remove the software, open /Applications/iPhoto.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/ in Finder, and remove "Thunderbird.scpt" and "Thunderbird.tif".

Related Programs

A similar (though more polished) program is the well-known iPhoto Mailer Patcher, which works in a similar fashion for other e-mail clients, such as Claris Emailer, GyazMail, Mailsmith, Outlook Express, PowerMail, and QuickMail Pro.
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