Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3)

SSE3 — An Overview

SSE3 was introduced by Intel in early 2004 with their Prescott revision of the Pentium 4 CPU. SSE3 adds only 13 new instructions, but allows for new features such as horizontal operation (operating across a single register instead of down through multiple registers) and some unaligned access instructions. There are also a couple process control instructions to boost performance with Intel's HyperThreading feature.

AMD started supporting SSE3 in April of 2005, and omitted the monitor and mwait instructions, which are only useful for HyperThreading CPUs.

SSE3 — OpCode List

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addsubpd - Adds the top two doubles and subtracts the bottom two.
addsubps - Adds top singles and subtracts bottom singles.
haddpd - Top double is sum of top and bottom, bottom double is sum of second operand's top and bottom.
haddps - Horizontal addition of single-precision values.
hsubpd - Horizontal subtraction of double-precision values.
hsubps - Horizontal subtraction of single-precision values.

lddqu - Loads an unaligned 128bit value.
movddup - Loads 64bits and duplicates it in the top and bottom halves of a 128bit register.
movshdup - Duplicates the high singles into high and low singles.
movsldup - Duplicates the low singles into high and low singles.
fisttp - Converts a floating-point value to an integer using truncation.

Process Control:
monitor - Sets up a region to monitor for activity.
mwait - Waits until activity happens in a region specified by monitor.

SSE3 — See Also

Intel Documentation on SSE3 Instructions.
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