Multithreading Concepts

Multithreading Index

The multithreading portion of this programming page have become a bit more popular than first expected. This has happened primarily because the current shift in microprocessor performance has moved from faster clock speeds to multiple cores. With this paradigm shift, application developers need to shift their development paradigm to continue to take advantage of these new performance enhancements.

This index will present an overview of various mutithreading concepts, as well as some examples for a few platforms.


2007.06.12 - I finally got around to using Cocoa enough to actually figure out how threads work. And write an article about it. Sorry for the anticlimatic delay, life has been painfully busy. The article is pretty scant now, but I hope to flesh it out in the coming weeks.


2007.03.24 - I decided to start to reorganize the thread section of this site to be a bit more specific. I also decided to divide the content into a few different sections, instead of having them intermixed with the implementation of each.

This is currently a work in progress. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any feedback or suggestions. My email address can be had by concatenating my first initial and last name, and then adding
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