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Well, we did it. And I've had a little time to think back on what all went into this colossal feat.

At 4 am on Saturday morning, after already playing 6 hours of frisbee, you can really see what a person's made of. And there were plenty of outstanding frisbeers that night. There were some incredible moments during that 24-hour ordeal. I know I didn't manage to see everything (for instance from 3:30 to 5:30, when I was sleeping) but I'd like to make special note of those things that I did see.

Jared Heveron managed somehow to be the first and last person touching the frisbee. His picture-perfect kick-off to start the game and his wearied flail to end it show the difference a day can make. He also beat out his brother by 1 assist. Derek Dimitrovski showed he could make the effort to catch that hard td throw. Steve Gehlert proved that he could mercilessly rack up points against de-hydrated sleep-deprived opponents. Matt Bowersox, through some subtle trickery, always wound up open in the endzone. Alan Devries made it through 7 hours straight with only sore muscles and then managed to seriously sprain his ankle the next time he went in. Melanie Bynum was running around like she was fresh on Saturday. EJ Mann slid across his back in the endzone to catch a frisbee in a move that Russ called "too much effort." Russ Nagy showed off his frisbee expertise and played for a surprising number of hours after biking 30 miles earlier that morning. Dave Mann, the oldest person to play, made an excellent showing, beating out younger competitors such as Tom Peck and Ben Rule. Christina Riddle played for several hours when she really didn't want to. Dustin Heveron reached his goal of 12 hours playtime in the last hour of play. Madison Mikhail and Alissa Heveron win the prize for most recent converts, after learning to play frisbee right there.

In the end, the final score of Team A - 440 to Team B - 470 is not so much an indicator of who played better frisbee, but rather who kept better stats. Team A managed 440 touch downs and 336 assists. This means that for 94 touch downs, it was actually a Team B frisbeer who threw the pass. Team B managed a better ratio with 470 tds and 401 assists. All in all, I was quite proud of how even the teams were. You couldn't ask for a closer score than that. Unless you paid the statisticians. (Not going to happen, Claire.)

If you have more memorable moments from 24-hour frisbee that you wish to be etched forever into the Annals of the Frisbeers, e-mail me.

Team A (South)
Matt Bowersox4610
Isaac Mann3568
Jared Heveron3538
Derek Dimitrovski3312
Melanie Bynum3219
Drew Dimitrovski318
Ashley Arend3018
Jeremy Grondon3014
Erik Bobbitt29 (7-B)41 (7-B)
Ben Rule1922
Jeremy King1711
Andrew Hunter176
David Bowen137
Andrew Borden1016
Craig Rayl109
Joe Long105
Matt Flamm82
Bob Klein77
Laura Flamm75
Andrea Beard60
James Gant36
Shelly Chaffin3 (6-B)4 (2-B)
Zach Inscho3 (5-B)2 (3-B)
Lynn Bynum21
Lindsey Marshall12
Amy Masheter11
Khann Le10
Jess Carpenter10
Freddy Adams01
Steve Bruns01
Team B (North)
Steve Gehlert6339
Aaron Bruns4437
Brendan Burgert4021
Dustin Heveron3537
Alan Devries3439
Brett Peterson3039
Victor Huang2710
Dave Mann2621
Tom Peck2118
EJ Mann2014
Jason Kientz127
Peter ??113
John Wan1036
Brittany Allen1015
Matt Kemp105
Kurt Beard92
Erik Bobbitt7 (29-A)7 (41-A)
Shelly Chaffin6 (3-A)2 (4-A)
Katie Borden60
Danny Bass54
John Manaloor53
Keith Schnacke53
Zach Inscho5 (3-A)3 (2-A)
Christina Riddle43
Russ Nagy39
Andrew D.35
Jon Baker33
Michelle McClintock30
Clayton Buffer30
Tom Seipel28
Chris Hostettler20
Anne Armstrong21
Rob Blevins14
Phil Arner13
Madison Mikhail10
Priscilla Wan10

Home -- 24-hour Frisbee