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NukeZone -- Control a province. Build armies. Nuke each other. Fun game.

Bible Gateway -- Handy for putting bible verses on hand-outs and what not. Also has a search function.

Columbus Police -- Call them when the stupid Club Alcatraz across the street is playing loud music at one in the morning.

Shizmoo -- Home of Kung Fu Chess and other fun games.

Rolozo Tolkien -- Huge archive of tolkien related pictures.

Ted Nasmith -- My favourite tolkien-related artist.

Nuklear Power -- Home of 8-bit theater, a comic in which 8-bit sprites from the Final Fantasy series have various comical encounters.

The Tick -- A well-done site devoted entirely to that big blue boorish super-hero, The Tick.

Vegetable Orchestra -- An orchestra that plays on vegetables. That's right.

VHEMT -- Good for a quick laugh, and a long sigh of disbelief.

The Chartreuse Falcon -- Funny script that coincidentally shares a name with my favorite Super Smash Brothers Melee character.

Home -- Adjectiveless Links