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G.K.Chesterton's Works on the Web -- Chesterton is an incredibly witty author. He crams content into his prose so much that (no kidding) every paragraph I've read is quotable. And here you can read all of his stuff for free.

NukeZone -- Control a province. Build armies. Nuke each other. Fun game.

Bible Gateway -- Handy for putting bible verses on hand-outs and what not. Also has a search function.

Columbus Police -- Call them when the stupid Club Alcatraz across the street is playing loud music at one in the morning.

Shizmoo -- Home of Kung Fu Chess and other fun games.

Rolozo Tolkien -- Huge archive of tolkien related pictures.

Ted Nasmith -- My favourite tolkien-related artist.

Nuklear Power -- Home of 8-bit theater, a comic in which 8-bit sprites from the Final Fantasy series have various comical encounters.

Random Word Haiku -- Creates randomly generated haiku poems.

The Tick -- A well-done site devoted entirely to that big blue boorish super-hero, The Tick.

Vegetable Orchestra -- An orchestra that plays on vegetables. That's right.

VHEMT -- Good for a quick laugh, and a long sigh of disbelief.

The Chartreuse Falcon -- Funny script that coincidentally shares a name with my favorite Super Smash Brothers Melee character.

Horse Quartet -- Haven't you always wanted to be serenaded by wild horses?

Home -- Adjectiveless Links