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I Wish
A Little Dingy
Shawls of Grey
A Simple Moment
When All Is Lost
Don't Say It
When Robot Mister Spied Robot Miss
Perspective Below a Knotted Rope
I've Seen, Have You?

I Wish

I once disclosed a secret longing to a trusted friend
whose grounded nature seldom sought to soothe or to pretend.
He took me off and told me, "How the circumstances stood,
twas not for my own interest, trying, even if I could."
And all his choice and tender words amounted just to this:
"Ha! You wish!"

Because I am not one for words, I could not speak my mind
but all my silent dreaming soul was raging mad and blind.
I tried to issue from my lips a scalding bold retort
on piercing noble pure designs or loving but for sport.
But lodged it well within my throat though this continued through:
"Yes! I do!"

A Little Dingy

It came like a club in the dark.
I was cast adrift as all dingys are;
Fate with bone-dry hands let snip
the cord so loosely linking me to life.
And drifting inevitably away
I, a little dingy, floated helpless
Watching all I knew waft out to sea.
Slowly, ponderous slow, and out.

I hated Fate, wicked hag
And all the mental prowess
God bestowed a little dingy
willed that cord unsnipped.

Waves, storms, wind whistling wild,
while not the soothing shelter
lost before the nightmares came,
stay though safer shores set sail.
The blinding light that shines
piercing glimmers through wood and soul
reminds, regrets, hopes and finally
fails as Fate and lighthouse spin.

Shawls of Grey

If I could peer through the age of my ages,
Would I like what I will become?
Did I like what I have become?
Should I betray and murder the man I longed to be,
Or disregard the wisdom of my youth
With auspicious sayings that mask the truth?
Everything was simple then,
Right was right and Wrong wrong.
Like yes and no and stop and go.
But I didn't know then what I know now.

That when I don't agree with Right
And can't quite stomach Wrong
There are plenty of others to turn to
Prophets if you will (although admittedly minor)
Shawls of Grey that tell me
What I already want to know
That Black and White are dead
And each man is now left to choose
Between Shades to haunt him.

I had a friend once with a shawl of different hue.
We found him hanging from the rafters,
Precious Shawl clenched tightly round his neck.
As coroner pronounced him permanently indisposed,
Family claimed the shawl to be of darkest hue,
Though not quite dark enough to ressurect dread Black.
When Black and White vanished with the Old World,
The Crimson Shawl, it seems, retained as tight a grip as ever.

A Simple Moment

Was just a simple moment, but
As moments go, it held instilled
Within the selfsame heart and joy that
Decades could no more have striving filled.

Was not myself prepared for such
A turn that bursting from my weary
Conscious, turned my life and soul by
Wrenching pivot from my thoughts adreary.

Was walking 'bout my business when
The whimsy whirl of ways did meet and
Finding not the path to choose did
Wandering glance upon the path we stand.

Did not conceive to chance across
Your path, but even as I wring
My hands I hold that I would plot
No better scheme than all this seems to sing.

Noticing my foot-sore fall you
Paused a moment to see; the while
My eyes beheld the site of which
I dream on dreams about: your smile.

Knowing how simple moments though
Treasured last no more than did
That phantom image, I stumbled to
My feet; approached before the beauty hid.

Was just a simple moment but
Beseech your heart to share the store
Of wondrous bliss that comes if only
You would stay a simple moment more.

When all is lost

When all is lost and everything crumbles
the human race you thought so wholly right
catching collective shoelaces stumbles,
like a burnt crisp of erstwhile holy knight.

When sighs and moans and wails of sinners flay
the earthly boundary heaven-set with blood;
tear-stained emptiness leaps into the fray
drowned by fathoms of never-finished flood.

A dying ship sinking low beneath the waves
Is caught, founders: rocks, a smashing fist!
And there was found, by broken oars of slaves,
the Rock of rocks, for such a time as this.

A damsel cried first warning of the fate
That from that call consumed: world's corrosion.
Serpent's reign began, but in a martial state,
Warding off the promised grand explosion.

But failed his schemes for Now is here.
First defangs the beast and steals the prey,
then wrath provoked makes power clear,
as twice-crushed Snake retreats from realm of Day.

Don't Say It

Speak not the tender word
that trembles foremost in your mind.
Breathe a whisper that dies unheard.

Break not the fragile silence
held captive by my bursting heart
now trembling neath a wince.

For once bursts the dam,
naught can stem the raging sea within,
exploding forth with rending slam.

Unchecked glory reigns
unfettered by the death of will:
Blinding Brilliant Love!

What joy, what bliss!
To be consumed, wondrously chewed,
by such a beast as this.

Till drowned and dry,
the sapling bond between us broke.
And not a tear is left to cry.

You must go and I will stay
and neither know what might have
the chance that we, perhaps, we may.

When Robot Mister Spied Robot Miss

When robot Mister spied robot Miss,
his metallic jaw with clanking hiss
hung dangling limp from bolted cheeks
as Miss strolled by 'mid vulgar squeaks.

Mister, then with the noblest of hearts
did fashion a bouquet of old car parts.
Hydraulic pumps rattled out his chest
as rusted claws rummaged for the best.

Crinkled fender and crumpled hood,
Rusted bolts, found all he could,
Shattered windshields, seatbelts galore:
Bound up in love and nothing more.

With greivous sound he banged away
Scared off the Miss he wished would stay.
In loving haste, lost in the stack,
The muffler: most noticed for its lack

Perspective Below a Knotted Rope

i am What's wrong with the world?
and tho' to Save mySelf Sorrow
they carry the blame
the HAMmer that KILLED Him was MINE.

I've Seen, Have You?

Have you ever looked inside yourself and seen what's really there?
Have you ever felt the emptiness to be more than you could bear?
Have you ever hoped and hoping knew that later you'd despair?
Have you seen the world present its best and known it all a snare?

I've seen the man that ne'er will stray.
I've seen the rock that will not wash away.
I've seen the faith that lives on day by day.
I've seen real treasures stored in jars of clay.


Don't run from the monster behind you,
Or the monster ahead will ensnare.
Don't run from the monster within you,
Of the monsters outside you beware.

Run to the safety that's hidden,
Exposed on the top of a hill.
Run to the man who will hold you,
All monsters around he will kill.


I was contemplating the other day over some tough decisions I had to make.
So I thought of all my life so far and tried to get a picture of who I was.
And I began to think of the possible futures that might lie ahead.
Springing forth from my mind came a whole new set of ideas.
This lead to pensively readjusting my picture of myself.
If I change one little part of me, what else has to go?
Can I help one section and not hurt the whole?
These ideas and thoughts flood my mind.
What can I do with what little I have?
Why am I doing any of this stuff?
Does anything really matter?
What's happening to me?
Where will it all end?
fragments of unf
inished thoug
hts nag at t
he corne
rs of m
y mi

A deafening silence sears my brain.

Wait! Don't go! Don't leave me here alone!

So I returned to contemplating over some tough decisions I had to make.


Twinkle, twinkle little star
Enthroned above the earth so far
One light shines midst a darkened sky
Makes me pause to breath a sigh

Twinkle in that lonely place
Held fast and strong, trapped in space
One point of valiant straining light
Shrouded by darkness, lost from sight

Twinkle, twinkle! diamond bright
Oh that you could witness my delight
As each evening you win your fight
'Gainst eternal black and endless night

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