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“pulling the threads out of the fabric of reality, estd. 1982.”

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project ruori performs sparrow at electro-music 2007.  video on youtube.


These days I'm spending about 18 hours a day hacking on Quartz Composer / Cocoa stuff.  Fun stuff coming soon.

I posted a couple simple and almost-useful Quartz Composer Clips.


Premiere of “Cake Liberation” at Denison University, an ephemeral performance-artwork piece involving four persons, a half-sheet cake on a half-platter, a tan trenchcoat, and several dozen unsuspecting college students in various social contexts (including, but not limited to: mid-class interruption, latenight solicitation on dark street, preshow procession, and computerlab confrontation).  Incidentally neither silverware nor napkins were present.


Sharon Udoh and I collaborated on a short film.  She wrote some lyrics, then I played with some analogue sequencers and babbled into a microphone.  She then developed an animation in response to the sequencer stuff.

“Throwing in the Towel” is its name.

Tonight it's being exhibited as part of lite brite 2005.


Today the DVD edition of my thesis project, Tuesday Afternoon at China Wong Buffet, is officially released.

Consume yours today.


project ruori performs at the electro-music 2005 festival.


Presentation regarding bandgap maximization in photonic crystals at OSAPS/MIAAPT meeting in Rochester, MI.