kineme "Audio/Play" module spec

Steve Mokris
<?xml version='1.0'?>

<module name="Audio/Play" version="1.00">
        <description>Read an audio waveform from disk, optionally looping the waveform.</description>
        <interface width="3" height="12">
                <input type="String/Filename"   id="filename"      text="Filename"        x="0"   y="0"   value="~/snd/cricket.flac" />
                <input type="Trig"              id="play"          text="Play"            x="0"   y="1"   value="false" />
                <input type="Trig"              id="pause"         text="Pause"           x="6"   y="1"   value="true" />
                <!-- @@@ bug: the above graphic doesn't represent this TRUE value - should render as inverse text -->
                <input type="Trig"              id="reset"         text="Reset"           x="12"  y="1"   value="false" />

                <input type="List"              id="playmethod"    text="Play Method"     x="0"   y="3"   value="forwardonce">
                        <item id="forwardonce">Forward Once</item>
                        <item id="forwardloop">Forward Loop</item>
                        <item id="forwardloopfade">Forward Loop and Crossfade</item>
                <input type="Scalar/Time"       id="crossfadetime" text="Crossfade Time"  x="0"   y="4"   value="100ms"  valueMin="0" />
                <input type="Int"               id="numloops"      text="Number of Loops" x="0"   y="5"   value="0"      valueMin="0" />
                <input type="Sync/Sample"       id="syncsample"    text="Sample Sync"     x="0"   y="7"   />
                <input type="Sync/Frame"        id="syncframe"     text="Frame Sync"      x="0"   y="8"   />

                <output type="Sync/Sample"      id="syncsample"    text="Sample Sync"     x="12"  y="7"   texthidden="true"   />
                <output type="Sync/Frame"       id="syncframe"     text="Frame Sync"      x="12"  y="8"   texthidden="true"   />
                <output type="Audio"            id="audio0"        text="Audio 0"         x="12"  y="10"  />
                <output type="Audio"            id="audio1"        text="Audio 1"         x="12"  y="11"  />