(00:47:32) SteveMokris: hey..  i think i might have left my cd folder at
	your house last week.. have you seen it?
(00:50:34) RobertVance: ahhh.....yeah.
(00:50:36) RobertVance: about that.
(00:50:47) RobertVance: i was going to hold it for ransom.
(00:50:55) SteveMokris: oh cool, so it's still alive.
(00:50:58) SteveMokris: that's good to hear
(00:51:14) RobertVance: yepp.
(00:51:11) SteveMokris: what do you say..   an orange fanta?
(00:51:14) SteveMokris: two?
(00:51:19) RobertVance: hmmm.
(00:51:32) RobertVance: no.....just a fixed sound card.
(00:51:37) RobertVance: muuuahahahahaha
(00:51:41) SteveMokris: ok i think i can hook you up
(00:51:47) RobertVance: ok.

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