[ steve mokris ] BCF2000
BCF2000: Behringer BCF2000 automation for Quartz Composer

BCF2000 is a set of four Quartz Composer Clips I assembled.

These clips make integrating the Behringer BCF2000 MIDI controller into your Quartz Composer setup a little easier.

Just drag out the control you need, then connect the (conveniently labeled!) outputs to the patch of your desiring.

  • ChannelPush outputs the two pushbuttons above each of the eight channels.
  • ChannelSlide outputs the eight faders.
  • ChannelSpin outputs the eight rotary encoders (both the rotational and pushbutton controls).
  • RightPush outputs the auxiliary buttons on the right side of the controller.

In order for these Clips to work with your controller, you'll need to two things:

  • Modify the Clips to point to the MIDI input of your BCF2000.  Open each of the Clips (located in /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Quartz Composer/Clips/), select the “MIDI Controllers” patch, open the Inspector, go to Settings, and check the appropriate MIDI Source.
  • Apply one of these SYSEX patches to your BCF2000 to set up MIDI mappings that match these Clips.
    • smokris-bcf2000.zeroDotOff.syx — Maps all available knobs, buttons, and faders to 7-bit customcontrollers.  Even the preset-changing buttons are mapped, so you can't exit this patch except via Behringer's java editor.  When knobs are at zero, the collar LED is off.
    • smokris-bcf2000.zeroDotOn.syx — Same as above, except that when knobs are at zero, the collar LED is on.


BCF2000-0.1.zip, version 0.1, 2006.04.06

Test Patch

In this demo, all buttons, knobs, and faders are assigned to provide some sort of visual feedback.  It's not pretty, but it's useful as a quick functionality check.